Mogilany County is situated in the south-eastern part of Kraków administration region along the national road number 7 which is the most important route between Kraków and Chyżne/Zakopane. Mogilany is one of 127 rural counties in Małopolskie province. The area of the county is 43,55 km2 which is approximately 3,54% of the total area of Kraków administration region. In the south Mogilany County neighbours Myślenice County. The southern part of Kraków administration region (Mogilany County, Świątniki Górne and Skawina) constitutes the Carpathian foreland. From the northern side of the Mogilany hill one can admire the picturesque view of Kraków. From the southern side the horizon is closed by dozens of rocky peaks of the Tatra mountains. The location of Mogilany County on the picturesque and sunny Wielickie Foothills as well as the lack of heavy industry guarantees fresh air, tranquillity and healthy environment. Thanks to that Mogilany County is an extremely attractive place for recreation and relaxation.
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