In Mogilany one can see an 18th century palace and right next to it one can admire an ancient park (a monument of nature). From the southern side of the park stretches a beautiful panorama of the Beskidy and Carpathian Mountains. From the opposite side stretches a magnificent panorama of the city of Krakow. In the vicinity of the park, there is a floral reserve „Cieszynianka”, comes from the Polish name of a very rare and interesting flower cieszynianka wiosenna (hacquetia epipactis) that blossoms in the early spring. In the surrounding area there is one of the most beautiful mixed forests, Bronaczowa Forest, which is one of the remains of the Carpathian Forest.

There is a variety of precious monuments in Mogilany County which not only give this place a special atmosphere but also give it a unique character. When in Mogilany one can follow various tourist trails, admire roadside shrines, and visit both natural and human-built monuments. Besides that there are two horse riding centres in the county - Mogilany (Włosań) and Świątniki Górne (Konary Zielona).

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