We would like to offer you a real estate located in Mogilany, precinct 9, in Krakow administration region. The real estate is conveniently located in the centre of Mogilany county by the community road number 18282 and it is in a convenient distance from the Zakopianka road /national road number 7/.

The real estate encompasses three lots: no 36/1 (Kw 6998, the area of 2790 m2), no 36/2 (Kw 22434, the area of 1720 m2), no 36/3 (Kw 22434, the area of 1170m2). The total area of this real estate is 5,68 ha.

Short description of the area

The offered real estate is situated on a gentle slope; in the west and in the north it is adjacent to a forest district, which significantly increases its visual and climatic qualities. A part of the forest, neighbouring the real estate on its west side, is protected as a nature reserve (floral reserve). The real estate is free from overhead electrical power lines and high-pressure and medium-pressure gas pipelines, which could limit ways of its development. Moreover, the real estate is situated in the vicinity of a prestigious residential neighbourhood called „Parkowe Wzgorze” („Park Hill”). The real estate is not limited in its development by any monument protection or open landscape protection restrictions. The designated category for this area is UP2 - the area of public investments.

Spatial development plan

Special development plan, binding since autumn 2006, gives the opportunity of the development of this unique area with public use buildings. Currently the plan allows for construction (among other things) of a hotel (motel), health care, scientific, educational, social care, sports, recreational and other public use buildings. Moreover, it allows to construct built-in apartments connected with the basic function of the property.


Qualities of the real estate:

- located in the vicinity of a residential neighbourhood „Parkowe Wzgorze” („Park Hill”),
- good road network,
- natural and visual qualities of the landscape (in the vicinity of „Cieszynianka” forest reserve, 18th century palace with a park being a natural monument, Bronaczowa forest),
- varied land form,
- in the vicinity of Swoszowice spa, Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Siepraw Ski resort and Zarabie Sport.
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